To list Your First Listing
Please Click Connect With Stripe

Stripe Connect

What is Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect is for the seller to register there personal details. Once all your details have been register you can then sell your games here. Stripe will need your bank details so you can receive funds

All Stripe documentation can be found at there website. click here to view

We Choose You.. Stripe

Stipe offers great value when it comes to there fees. Stripe charges only 1.4% per transaction, where many other companies charge much higher, We want to offer you the customer the best there is. The main reason i created this site was to make sure you the customer can get the best deal overall.

Do We Hold You Credit Card Details

NO. We do not hold any of your bank details. We just authorize the transaction to stripe. Stripe deal with all the bank details

When Do I Get My Money

SO you have sold a item and are waiting for a payment to clear. You will see it has been collected and pending to be sent to you register bank account, This can take any where between 2-7 working days. More info can be found HERE

How Much Does It Cost.

To list a item is completely free, once someone buys your item we will automatically take our 5% fee stripe will take there 1.4%.

Do I Need Stripe Connect To Buy A Product

No not at all. To be able to buy a product you do NOT need to set up a stripe Connect account. As I stated above Stripe connect is just for sellers. As Long as you have your address upto date on your profile page, You are all set, Just click the buy button and enjoy