Why Stripe?

We want to offer our customers the best value and Stripe certainly delivers that. Stripe charges just 1.4% per transaction where many other companies have significantly higher charges, often around 4-5%. Which means more money for you!

So how much does it cost?

There is no charge to list an item on Need That Game (unlike many other popular online auction sites). When someone buys your item, there is a 1.4% transaction fee to Stripe and 7% sales fee to Need That Game. Both are deducted automatically during the transaction process, so no hassle for you.

When do I get my money?

So you’ve sold an item and are waiting for payment to clear. You will be able to see that the payment has been collected from the buyer and payment to your bank account is pending. Stripe will make the payment (minus fees) between 2-7 working days from receiving the buyer’s money. More information on Stripe’s payment processing can be found here.

Do you hold my credit card details?

No. At Need That Game we do not hold any of your bank information – it is all held securely within Stripe’s secure systems. Need That Game simply authorizes the transaction to Stripe.

Do I need a Stripe account to buy a product?

No, you don’t. Buyers need to be registered on Need That Game, but do not need a Stripe account in order to make payments. When a buyer wishes to purchase an item, they will be directed to a Stripe payment page where they just fill in the necessary details and then Stripe will take the payment from them and the seller is notified that their item has been bought. As outlined above, the seller will receive their payment 2-7 days later.