Rules Of The Web

You are free to list any game, console and accessories you like, but they must be in their correct category. If you list your item in the wrong category, it will be deleted without warning

All categories are listed by default in order of the cheapest item. Theres several reasons for this.

  • To stop resellers trying to make more money then what there worth.
  • So the buyer will get the best deal around
  • A seller that wants to sell a game fast
  • Refunds

    If your item has arrived and is not what was described, or if you item never arrived, you can open a dispute. To do this, go to your purchase page and click dispute. Then fill in the form and send it to us. We may contact you for more information once a decision is made, both you and the seller will be notifed. Once the item has been sent back, we will check the tracking number and your money will be refunded. Please note you will be required to send the tracking number to us otherwise we cannot help with your dispute.

    Unfortunately, once a item has been paid for we cannot return our 5% fee - this covers the expenses we have incurred.


    We recommend all items are sent via recorded or tracked delivery. You can then update your order with the tracking number by clicking on sold listings and adding this to your item that has been sold. This will reassure the buyer that the item is on its way. It will also help in any potential disputes that may arise. Any item without proof of tracking will not be disputed.

    All listing must include the total cost plus packaging and postage. For example, if your item is £5, and your shipping and packaging is £2, then your total item cost entered will be £7

    We apologise but currently this site is just for the United Kingdom. If a buyer is from another country and you send the item, we will not be able to recover the costs if any dispute occurs.


    This site was created for the true gamers by gamers, we do not compare ourselves to ebay - we are in ourselves unique. By encouraging low prices and setting rock bottom fees we aim to reduce the ‘just for profit’ companies, we are aimed at the individual gamer.

    Please be aware this website is in the ‘beta’ phase, as time goes on we aim to improve and grow. Please contact us if you have any problems any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    If you are from out side the uk and want to sell on here we are already working on it. Follow us on twitter and we will announce what site is live in what country.